Brexit and the removals industry


Brexit – what’s the deal?

The United Kingdom European Union membership referendum which resulted in 51,9% of votes being in favour of leaving the EU took place on 23 June 2016. More than three years has passed since then and the majority of the people in the UK are still at loss as to how it will affect them. We at European Moving get asked almost daily how Brexit will affect the removals industry – what’s the deal?

A No Deal Brexit

If we get a No Deal Brexit, any European moves or transport will become a lot more complex. Free movement of goods and people to and from the UK will be blocked, and customs clearance will be required at every border. A No Deal Brexit would possibly also in a requirement of more documentation if you want to live or work outside the UK, or if you are a EU resident wanting to move to the UK for work or studies.

Any moves scheduled post 31st of October 2019 may be subject to additional costs and fees, so make sure you seek up to date information from ‘Get ready for Brexit on 31 October 2019’ (

Possible deal?

The latest version of a possible deal explains that Northern Ireland will continue to follow EU Rules and standards on all goods. This deal would remove the need for checks on goods crossing the Irish border. It also means that Northern Ireland would leave the EU customs union but EU customs procedures would still apply on goods coming into Northern Ireland from Great Britain. Again, if this deal goes through make sure you are informed on how it will impact you, all the information you need will be on the website ‘Get ready for Brexit on 31 October 2019’ (


By looking at the search results from Google Trends since the referendum in 2016, we can see some interesting trends in what people search for.

There has been an increase in people searching ‘UK move to Spain, France, American & Italy’ since June 24 2016. Many people decided to make the move after Brexit had been announced which is not surprising considering how uncertain the future has been for the many EU-nationals who are living and working in the UK. This trend has gradually declined, and we seem to be in a time now when people are waiting to see what will happen, before they make any plans. We may see a huge increase in moves in and out of Britain once Brexit has happened. The most important thing for our customers and everyone in the removals industry is to keep well informed with the latest information.